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Leading Acrylic Point of Sale Display Manufacturers in Sydney

Displayrite is a leading acrylic point of display manufacturer, renowned for quality design and service in Sydney. With state-of-the-art machinery and manpower, our approach is always to produce functional designs featuring a wide variety of materials.
Displayrite is your ultimate saviour when it comes to cost-effective design, manufacture and supply of acrylic product display stands. From counter displays, floor displays, signage, lightboxes to wall displays and more, we have an extensive range of display stands for industrial, commercial and retail companies.

With over 30 years of experience, we offer bespoke options for personalised acrylic product display stands that get people talking!

Why does your business need acrylic product display stands?

Top Quality Acrylic Product Display Stand

An acrylic product display stand is a core component of marketing activities for shoppers that influences them to make purchases. It brings about more brand exposure and new product awareness.
The acrylic product display stand is a lighter and incredibly strong material that allows displaying the products in a professional-looking creative way. In addition to being versatile and cheap compared to wood and metal, the acrylic product display stand is relatively unbreakable and has been durably tested over the years.

Why Choose Displayrite?

Displayrite has the versatility and capability to design and manufacture a diverse range of products to scale up your business. We do not limit ourselves to plastic, glass or acrylic product display stands. Be it for aesthetic or functional reasons, if the design involves using metal or wire, we use these materials, employing the expertise to achieve the best results for our customers.

For more details about acrylic product display stands or other products, give us a call on +61 298 209 733 or mail us at sales@displayrite.com.au