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Displayrite was established in 1980 primarily to service the jewellery and watch industries by the then owners of the company who were wholesale suppliers to the industry. Whilst the ownership of the company has changed a few times since then the key management personnel has remained the same, and so with almost 30 years of continuous experience in this dynamic industry we can offer you the same attention to detail in the complete process from design, through to manufacturing & despatch that our existing long-term clients have come to expect and rely on.

With a solid reputation in the jewellery industry for design and manufacturing quality, servicing both wholesalers and the larger retail chains, Displayrite has moved on to solving the display and print needs of a varied range of industrial, commercial and retail companies. With our affiliations in China, we can also offer high volume production savings with this option.

our brief history

Although Displayrite has developed a high level of expertise in producing displays made both from plastics – (acrylic sheet – “Perspex”, PVC-foamed and rigid, PETG and polypropylene) and a variety of board products (MDF, ply, melamine finished and timber veneered board), it is how we combine the use of these materials that produce unique solutions for our customers display requirements.

A good design, while highlighting the product, must take into account function, environment, life expectancy, volume, time and of course, budget – a great design is only a design if the customer can’t afford to have it made. Displayrite’s in-house design team aim to give our clients the most creative solutions within their budget

Our aim has always been to give our customers the sort of service that keeps them coming back to us first.

Displayrite is based in Sydney, Australia and delivers solutions nationwide.

what we do

Another aspect to our jewellery display history is the skill of hand-covering of displays in synthetic leatherette, vinyl and certain types of fabric. Although this technique is very labour intensive it does offer a softer, more feminine finish alternative to paint or acrylic, and is ideally suited to a variety of luxury products.

At the top end of the display, finishes are polyurethane paint, not only durable but it gives the greatest degree of flexibility in colour and design form while giving a level of prestige to a display.

Laminated and pre-finished boards offer an economical solution to a variety of display requirements. With an extensive range of colours and finishes available, along with its structural strength, this medium is equally suited to small display component parts as well as large floor and wall cabinets.

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